Hey it's Iesha, and this is my art blog!~

I have a rock girl oc and her shadows name is dragon and they go on crazy adventures together. 

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Haven’t posted in awhile. I really need to buy some markers and less crappy pencils

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I have this cute story in my mind of a girl and a dude who gets turned into a cat and by cute I mean sad

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Why am I sad?

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Wanted to practice making comics so I made this. I might continue if I get enough people wanting me to

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Doodled a freind

Doodled some ocs. Hisakata and Hanshou. Hanshou is the cutie with the piercings. 

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So I got manga studio so I made this as practice 

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A friend asked me to draw him

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Being a monster hunter is hard, and Lily really dislikes it sometimes

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I ordered Manga Studio so it should be here in a week, til then I’ll start sketching ideas 

Felt like drawing something cute

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Posting to this account because omg I am so proud of myself

Now to the art blog

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Warm up doodle, I have horrible art block today

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Vent doodle

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