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I have so many important things to do but I drew this instead. I haven’t posted in awhile so I guess Its not a bad thing, right?

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This is pretty much there whole relationship ( namless boy is a huge cry baby even though he wont admit it)

I really like making him look pissed

Doodles! Mel is the girl and the guy is nameless, yay!

I did more of that thing

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I’ve been reading nothing but shoujo manga for the past two days and it inspired me to do a thing 

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I went full anime dork

I had a dream last night about a little girl who ran away from home and hid out in a cave, As she went through the cave she found a hidden door, the door had a long hallway with traps and a bunch of dangerous stuff. She made it through and found another door. Inside was treasure and gold and just amazing things that would make you rich. She looked around a bit and saw a whistle. It wasn’t gold or expensive looking, it was old and rusty and didn’t look like it was worth much. She picked it up curious and blew it. A young man popped out from a dark hole that appeared on the ground and greeted her and told her that ever since she blew the whistle he had to protect her and everytime she blew the whistle he would come and save her. They both had clashing personalities so it was a cute and funny dream and I had to draw something for it. I can’t draw today though so sorry for the shitty anatomy 

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shadow doodles

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Practicing lining stuff

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practicing shading 

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I just made the most dramatic, serious, short comic between Shadow and Dragon ever. Heck, if all the for reals in the world got together and highfived this right here would be birthed from it 

Fixed it. Dragon is so cute! He’s just like hi Shadow I am here love me

Hnng I don’t know which one I like better


Tried a new style with my rock girl. She still doesn’t have a name, but the shadow does. His name is Dragon

Opps posted to the wrong blog

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